‘I like playing with my friends.’


‘I like school because all the children are respectful.’


‘You can pass the learning on to other people.’


‘School is good because the teachers help us and they challenge you to do your best learning.’


‘We always have fun lessons.’

‘We are a caring school.’


‘We get to learn new things every day.’


‘We all get a say in things.’


‘In our school we play with lots of new friends.’


‘Special days are amazing at St johns, like Roald Dahl day, outdoor learning days and science days.’


‘I like knowing that I am in a safe environment.’


‘We are excited about getting rewards for our manners and behaviour, such as the top table for lunch and our Good Learning assembly.’


‘There are always people to help you if you need it.’


‘The dinner ladies are really kind to us.’


‘There are lots of fun clubs to join like gardening and cross country.’

‘We are a friendly school with a welcoming atmosphere.’


‘We have a big field and nice grounds and enjoy eating our lunches outside when it is sunny.’


‘We have reflection time at the start of lessons to help us improve.’


’I like knowing that I have a good, fun day of learning ahead.’


‘There is a wide range of books in the library.’


‘There is a really respectful atmosphere where we all feel safe and valued.’


‘If someone has a problem, they can tell someone and they won’t be judged.’


‘Our teachers are really enthusiastic and approachable.’


‘You’re encouraged to be independent.’


‘Our school has a really bright colour scheme.’


‘Everyone pushes themselves out of their boundaries.’


‘Our LSAs are really supportive.’