What our Children think

‘Be kind, you will make loads of new friends’

Its fun because you go on school trips and do fun learning

‘I will remember my teachers as they have pushed me on to be there best’

‘Teachers make you feel happy and safe and deal with bullying very well’

‘All the teachers are super supportive’

‘St John’s is an amazing school with fun facilities’

‘I have got help when I need it most’

‘The school have really helped me with my handwriting as it is neat now, they also helped me with socializing’

‘The lessons are suited to our level so you do not need to worry about how difficult the work is’

‘St John’s has given me an interest in reading because I never thought reading was fun until I started at St John’s.’

‘The school has helped me to take on challenges’

‘You can pass the learning on to other people.’

‘School is good because the teachers help us and they challenge you to do your best learning.’

‘We always have fun lessons.’