Pupil voice groups
At St John’s we strongly believe that our children should be actively involved in leading positive change in our school.  Whilst there are always opportunities in class for discussion and debate, we recognise that a range of Pupil Voice groups sets up the perfect means for classes to feedback those ideas to the senior leadership team.  The representatives for each group work with a key member of staff to work on specific projects and to canvas pupil opinion across the school on key issues.  Representatives are selected by either peer vote, teacher selection or by ‘names out of a hat’. Usually there are representatives in each group from Years 1 to Year 6.

These ten Year 6 children lead the Pupil Voice groups. They are also very responsible members of our school community who give up time at lunchtimes to keep the other children safe.

Learning Council
Mrs Reilly heads up this group of pupils who are on a mission to ensure everyone in the school uses their REACH skills every day to get better at learning.

Young Citizens
Mr Parkin helps this group of children who are responsible for helping our children to take part in community life and grow up as responsible citizens. Examples of their projects are Road Safety, liaison with the Parish Council, Police and Councillors. In school, they ensure that children are aware of how to keep themselves safe online and how to ensure we do not have bullying happening in our school.

Green Team
Our Green Group are led by Mrs Pike and help to make sure we are as environmentally friendly as we can be. They ensure we compost our organic waste, recycle paper, turn off lights and projectors and keep the doors closed to keep in the warmth during the winter.

House Captains
These eight Year 6 pupils have been chosen to represent their houses and ensure we have good quality sport at St John’s.   They set up games at lunch times and make sure children have someone to play with.

Spirit of St John’s group
This group are responsible for ensuring our Christian ethos is seen in every area of school life and for helping us all to be reflective. This is a new group and we hope members of our local parish church, St John’s in Shedfield, will meet with the group from time to time. Mrs Bowen helps this group to lead our spiritual life and so far they have organised Remembrance Day, created a prayer space in the mall and led the prayers at various services.

Charity Group
As a school we have a long history of working to support others, either locally, nationally or internationally.  The Charity Group are responsible for deciding which charities to support and then running the events. They are led by Mrs Sheppard.