St.John’s is a mainstream setting where children come first. We aim to provide the best possible education for every child within a warm and caring ethos. We are committed to ensuring ‘quality first teaching’ to allow all our children to reach their potential. However, at times a child may require additional support beyond this practice. Children are identified as having SEND through a variety of different ways including :

  • Transfer liaison with previous schools;
  • If a child is performing significantly below age expected levels in either reading, writing or maths;
  • Results of termly spelling and reading standardised tests;
  • Concerns raised by teachers;
  • Concerns raised by parents;
  • Other tests may be used if considered appropriate, e.g. dyslexia screening;
  • Via correspondence with external agencies.

If parents or the school believe that a child has special educational needs, criteria is referred to Hampshire’s SEN Service to determine whether a child meets the criteria to be on the school’s SEN register.

Please visit our policies page to view our current SEND Policy and Information Report.

Information on Hampshire’s local offer can be found here.